Hermest is a global health tourism institution expanding from Turkey to the world to act as a mediator to give the individuals the hair they have been dreaming for years. Hermest is the registered brand of International Hermest Group A.Ş. International Hermest Group A.Ş welcomes individuals from 100 different countries of the world under international health tourism service and the company is an A-group travel agency under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and a candidate of International Health Tourism Mediator Institution of the Ministry of Health.

Where Should Hair Transplant Be Operated?

To achieve the most natural results in the procedure, the maximum number of grafts should be used and unique hairline design for every patient should be completed. For this care in detail, hair transplant specific for each individual should be planned. This requires meticulous, experienced and professional team as well as a surgery room equipped with the latest technology tools and equipment. “Hair transplant is operated without following the hygienic rules in most clinics in Turkey” and this is not right. Hair transplant is a surgical intervention and this procedure requires surgical room conditions and careful execution.


Where Are Hair Transplants Operated?

The operations are completed in Academic Hospital, the leading institutions in Turkey with various certificates including leading international JCI certificate.
The hospital has 87-bed capacity, 30 expert doctors in all branches, infrastructure equipped with completely smart systems, operating rooms for 7 simultaneous operating and 300 well-equipped staff. With the responsibility to be the leading academic private hospitals in Turkey, the hospital signed a collaboration agreement with Harvard Medical School on February 2012 to simultaneously offer the developments in the health sector to the patients in our country.

Contracted Health Institutions

You can find the detailed information related to Healthy Institutions Approved By The Ministry Of Health And Has International Health Facility Accreditation We are working as mediators to arrange transportation to The Ministry Of Health approved hospitals and accommodation our clients who demand health services.